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10 True INFJ Turn Ons - The Rarest Personality Type

INFJ Turn Ons!

With a mind filled with complexity and fantasy, the average INFJ probably has some interesting thoughts and ideas that they rather not admit to. While the same need for kindness and honesty will always be at the forefront of an INFJs romantic desires, what really turns an INFJ on?

10 True INFJ Turn Ons - The Rarest Personality Type

1. Genuinity

INFJs being the rarest of the 16 personality types, are drawn to uniqueness and character. It’s rare to find an INFj that is drawn to someone who follows a mainstream style or way of life because INFJs are intrigued by people who are able to think outside of the box and confidently share their findings with the world around them.

Whether it be a unique clothing style, tattoos, a unique hobby or passion, or anything else out of the ordinary - INFJs know when someone is being their authentic self and when someone is trying to play a character, and in this introspective view, authenticity wins everytime.

Plus, INFJs are able to use their intuitive functions to see right through lies and ingenuity - so for someone to act as someone they’re not is only embarrassing for them.

2. Intelligence

The ultimate brain picker.. the INFJ loves a good introspective conversation where they can pick someone's brain about the most unorthodox of topics. So, when someone can provide accurate information and insights about the topics they’re interested in, INFJs can feel a certain type of interest and excitement to actually talk to someone that they can easily converse with.

Since INFJs are also known for being so interested in the human brain and social behaviors, they love analyzing people that show true intelligence because there is a deeper complexity to their way of thinking that INFJs don’t fully understand.

This fascination can easily turn into infatuation not only because this introspective personality type is often so deprived of intellectual conversation, but also that intelligence is one of the main qualities they look for in a potential partner.

3. An Equal Give and Take

INFJs are givers in all aspects of life. They are known for their need to help others and often try whatever it takes to avoid letting their loved ones feel burdened. And because INFJs are such giving creatures, they can attract a lot of people that are willing to take and not give anything in return. So when the empathic INFJ comes across someone who is willing to give more than they want to take, it can be considered a huge turn on.

Aside from what goes on in the bedroom, INFJs love to know that their potential or existing partner is willing to put in as much effort to keep the INFJ satisfied as they are willing to give to their partner. They require true romantic harmony in order to really enjoy a partnership and when they find someone who thinks the same way, it can make for a deep connection like no other.

4. Complexity & Mystery

Just as an INFJ can easily be turned on in the presence of someone with incredible intelligence - this analytical personality type can become truly fascinated with someone with a mysterious, private essence. While most INFJs feel drawn to people of high spirits because of the infectious energy they give off, this introverted personality type holds a special place in their heart for people with a deeper and darker energy.

They can feel when someone has past experiences that shaped them into the reserved mysterious person they are because INFJs can relate to that energy themselves. Similar to the fact that INFJs are drawn to genuinity and authenticity, this personality type is turned on by people who have felt both the pain and joy of their past experiences but aren’t willing to open up to just anyone.

5. Kindness

There’s probably nothing more joyful for an INFJ than to witness a random act of kindness. And while random acts of kindness involving strangers don’t necessarily turn an INFJ on pursue, when an INFJ is around an incredibly kind person, they can definitely feel more at ease and interested.

Kindness goes a long way for this incredibly caring personality type, and with that being said, cruelty of any means can have an INFJ quickly running the other way. A good heart is perhaps one of the most important qualities when it comes to allowing people into their social circle, so in other words, it’s almost impossible to turn any INFJ on without some form of kindness present.

6. Cuddling

While INFJs love their personal bubble, and are usually quite hesitant to share their bubble with other people - once this introverted personality type is invested in someone, cuddling can feel like the end all be all solution to all of their worries.

Since INFJs use their extroverted sensing to pay special attention to key details within their outer environment, they can be especially sensitive to the physical feelings of cuddling such as ease of body tension, warmth and comfort - making the act of cuddling even more enjoyable to an INFJ than to other types.

This highly sensitive side of the INFJ also makes other forms of physical touch such as massages and hair play highly enjoyable for this extroverted sensing type. So, while cuddling and massages alone may not turn this type on, the feeling of being completely relaxed and safe can allow the INFJ to open up to the possibility.

7. Patience

Since the private INFJ is so guarded with their emotional needs and wants - especially when it comes to sexuality - it can take a great deal of time for them to feel safe enough to fully open up about their desires.

Therefore, in order for an INFJ to truly feel turned and confident, they will need to be with someone that has the patience and understanding to allow them to open up at a comfortable pace.

Once an INFJ can actively see for themselves that someone is giving them the time and space to peel back they’re layers, they will happily begin opening up more and more. A true connection is required for an INFJ to be themselves, and true connections take a good amount of patience - especially when we’re talking about an INFJ connection.

8. Being Desired

As much as the independent INFJ doesn’t like to admit it, they want to be wanted. In fact, for an INFJ to genuinely feel desired may be one of their biggest turn ons. Aside from the fact that this rare personality type so often feels like a misunderstood outcast, they also have a perfectionistic side that often makes it difficult for INFJs to see their true worth.

They are known to be sensitive and secretly attention craving - but when an INFJ is in a partnership, they will make their needs for attention more apparent. INFJs, like most people, want to be listened to, cared for, thought of, and wanted for their mind, body and soul. Therefore, when someone makes it noticeable to an INFJ that they are in fact desired and wanted - this personality type may not be so hesitant to let down their guard. 

9. True Passion

Behind the mysterious essence of the INFJ, they are actually quite passionate and intense people. So, when an INFJ sees that same passion and drive towards dreams and goals in another person, they can fully relate. INFJs get a rush from their passions, and they can feel that same energy when listening to someone else share their wildest dreams and goals.

INFJs are turned on by knowing that other people are as passionate about certain aspects of life just as they are because they love the idea of non-conformity and living life outside of the everyday rat race.

They love adventure and doing things for a cause because learning and expanding their knowledge are some of their greatest goals in life - and when they find someone that can support them and even join them in their passion, they can feel a sense of connection like no other.

10. A Shared Level of Intimacy

Of course, mutual levels of intimacy can be an important contributing factor to the success of any relationship - and for an INFJ it’s no different. INFJs hold their relationships to a very high standard, as they do with most other aspects of their lives - with one of those standards surrounding the level of intimacy their partner brings to the table.

While the INFJ can properly understand why some personality types have less need for intimacy, they still require a similar level that matches their intimate output in order to feel turned on. With that being said, one-sided intimacy can make an INFJ feel used, uninterested, and wanting to withdraw their intimate energy.