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7 Reasons Why An INFJ Door Slam

The 'door slam' connotation simply means removing people from your life. It is generally associated with the INFJ personality since they are more likely than others to end relationships.

The main reason that an INFJ would slam the door is to prevent themselves from being hurt. The reasoning behind door slamming is that removing someone from your life makes their behaviors less painful. INFJs slam doors for a variety of reasons.

7 Reasons Why An INFJ Door Slam

1. The Relationship Is Becoming Toxic

INFJs are more likely to attract toxic personality types because of their compassionate, open-minded character, which means they may become connected with a narcissist or an emotionally and psychologically draining personality.

Although you may mistake toxic relationships for one-sided friendships, there is a significant distinction between the two. It's not simply only taking when an INFJ has a toxic person in their lives. It also implies that the INFJ has let someone into their inner circle who has a propensity of gaslighting or making them feel inferior.

This pain may be purposeful if the relationship is deceitful, or it may be inadvertent if the individual is unaware they are showing toxic behaviors. Whatever the case, an INFJ who is harmed by a long-term lack of concern will go into a full door slam, locking them in the past, due to the mental games or unpleasant sentiments present in one of these relationships.

Extroverted Feeling (Fi) is one of the main cognitive processes of the INFJ personality type. As a result, these people would rather trouble themselves in order to make others happy. As mentioned earlier this makes them easy to be around, but it also attracts narcissists. Individuals who thrive on control and power may victimize INFJs. When a relationship becomes toxic, an INFJ can only protect themselves by withdrawing.

2. People Try to Take Advantage of INFJs

INFJs are undoubtedly the most empathetic and self-sacrificing people you'll ever encounter. They prioritize the needs of others before their own and, like the term itself, are selfless. It's a prevalent misconception that INFJs don't think about themselves or know what they want, which some individuals may exploit.

Because an INFJ never complains, people may choose to be parasitic or poisonous. These and other such actions would eventually result in the INFJ door slamming. The INFJ introverted lifestyle may lead to humble existence, yet they have high expectations.

Some of it can be apparent in their relationship choices. They'd rather have one genuine friendship than a number of superficial ones. It's also one of the causes behind their reserved personalities. They recognize that excellent relationships take time to develop and are willing to wait for it. Some people may approach INFJs with no aim of creating something valuable. This would ultimately become unhealthy and result in a door slam.

3. People Repeatedly Ignore

INFJs needs INFJs are problem solvers by nature, and they will generally strive to find a solution before giving up. However, there are only so many times they can express their concerns until nothing changes. If others continue to ignore their needs, they will finally slam the door in their face.

INFJs need to believe that their voices are being heard. If others do not listen after INFJs have clearly said that something is vital to them, they will remove those individuals from their life to protect themselves from further harm. INFJs are complicated beings who frequently find themselves misunderstood.

Furthermore, they go out of our way to make people close to them feel valued. But INFJs also need to feel respected. If others made them feel unimportant, it is an indication that they do not regard or respect INFJs. And they slam the door in that case.

4. People Do Not Respect INFJs Alone Time

The INFJ values alone time as a crucial component of their life and desires. If the INFJ does not have time to relax and reflect, they become emotionally and spiritually exhausted. They usually neglect this necessity since they are preoccupied with their loved ones.

When someone they care about requires their attention, the INFJ will try to push themselves when what they truly need is space and time to themselves. They give so much of themselves to others, yet sometimes forget to look for themselves.

When it comes to their need for alone time, the INFJ is unyielding. They really must have this alone time, and they demand it on a regular basis. When the INFJ is unable to connect with their own inner thoughts and feelings, they get overwhelmed.

The INFJ may struggle at first because they dislike disappointing others. Without explaining to others how vital alone time is to them, the INFJ begins to lose their sense of self, making them less productive and more prone to depression.

People who do not respect INFJs needs for some privacy and alone time by constantly invading their comfort zone can be door slammed by INFJs as they do not bear those circumstances for too long.

5. Others Undervalue INFJs

Although INFJs may want to maintain connections for as long as possible, there may come a point when they feel misunderstood by individuals they care about. When this occurs, an INFJ does not feel validated for who they are, and feeling misjudged or unappreciated is one of the worst things that can happen to an INFJ.

INFJs don't believe anybody ever really understands them, but when there is a lack of even the most basic degree of comprehension, they find themselves cutting people out and shutting down without even thinking about it. For example, if someone makes an assertion about INFJs, morals, or expertise, it's a major indicator that starts the door slamming process, unless a dialogue takes place to correct the situation.

6. People Being Insensitive and Not Listening

INFJs are sympathetic and sensitive, and they will never disturb you. As a result, individuals who are just preoccupied with themselves are despised by INFJs. The INFJ gets irritated by rude and insensitive people. It bothers them that some people can be so nasty and discriminatory when INFJs can't help but care about others.

While INFJs abhor lack of compassion, they rarely despise the individual. These empaths are constantly on the lookout for the good in others, their intentions, and even their past. Although INFJs are good listeners who will give you the floor, they also require time to express themselves.

Because they are good listeners, they expect others to listen closely. Many people, however, do not make an attempt to just listen to what an INFJ has to say. INFJs may be interrupted in the middle of a conversation or just disregarded without receiving a meaningful response. If someone does this to an INFJ all the time, they will undoubtedly door slam those individuals.

7. People Misunderstand INFJs

INFJs are conflicted people. They are sophisticated thinkers who make concrete decisions on people's choices. On the outside, they appear to be sympathetic individuals who would prefer not to discuss their strong ideas in order to maintain societal peace.

Isn't it puzzling? But INFJs have a hidden side that many people misunderstand. INFJs have a strong intuition as well as a logic overload. They are aware of what is spoken and unsaid. They have such a sixth sense that they "know things" without even recognizing it.

However, not everyone is conscious enough to follow their warnings or opinions. Genuine concern is sometimes misinterpreted as aggressiveness and judgment. INFJ guidance is sometimes ignored, resulting in a separation.

It sends them into a dark hole, which most Extraverted Feelers (Fe) dislike and worry about. One of the things that INFJs despise the most is others' lack of comprehension and understanding. And when someone does it to them, an INFJ can definitely door slam on this person.