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Why are INFJs Spiritually Gifted

Do you ever find yourself thinking deeply about life, wondering why the universe works in the way that it does? If so, you may be an INFJ - and one with a spiritual gift! INFJs have innate capabilities to intuit and interpret events both on this plane of existence, as well as something deeper.

The spiritual path often beckons INFJs more fiercely in part because their intuition allows them to know there’s something greater out there for them. But let’s explore further with 10 reasons INFJs may be spiritually gifted.

1. Ability to Imagine

INFJs are a unique breed, with a lively imagination and deep empathy. They are highly intuitive; often able to pick up on subtle clues that allow them to get an insight into people, without having to rely on explicit conversation or observation.

This makes INFJs spiritual creatures; they can tap into the energies that drive life, connecting with the power of the universe in ways other people don’t necessarily have access to. Their open-minded imaginations allow INFJ's to truly explore the realm of possibilities and develop a deeper understanding of our place in the world.

While this can take many forms, whether it's astral projection or simply reflecting on themes found throughout literature and film, their willingness to engage with their inner world is what allows them to be more spiritually gifted, granting them insight beyond what most humans experience.

2. Trouble Sleeping

For many INFJs, lack of sleep is more than an effect - it can be a cause of extraordinary spiritual gifts. A meditative and contemplative type, INFJs often need extended downtime to access their innermost wisdom and clarity, something that can be difficult to come by in our fast-paced modern world.

When INFJs don't get adequate sleep, they're deprived of time spent connecting with the divine insight that lies within. This deprivation can leave them feeling anxious and unfocused but it can also tap into mystical reservoirs and provide profound experiences with their spirituality.

The tiredness that comes with a night spent reflecting on life may not feel great in the moment, but overtime it could have transformative power.

3. Deep Self Awareness

INFJs are equipped with an unusually deep and intuitive understanding of their inner self, allowing them the ability to see beyond what is visible on the surface. This type of self-awareness grants INFJs a sense of spiritual awareness, providing both clarity and insight on a level that most cannot attain.

This can bring about both a profound understanding of reality and an unquenchable longing for something more. An INFJ's drive to go beyond the physical leads them on an endless journey of discovery; they must continuously strengthen their connection not just to the external world, but also to themselves. In that quest can lie the spiritual gift of being an INFJ.

4. Connection With Their Environment

INFJs often have a distinct and more extensive connection to their environment and the people around them. Rather than seeing them simply as elements of the world, they recognize a spiritual undercurrent that unites us all and that can bring us closer together.

This strong communion can almost be likened to an awakened sixth sense, allowing INFJs to see things in a more profound way. Their spiritual gifts are often characterized by an ethereal empathy, crystallized intuition, and an honest perception of how the world works.

These traits combine to provide INFJs a unique lens through which they view the world – one that is deeper, more meaningful, and ultimately more powerful than those of others.

5. Vivid Dreams

Most INFJs have the ability to have extremely vivid and intense dreams. They often experience life-like scenes that help them gain a spiritual understanding of the world around them. While sleeping, INFJs' subconscious minds can pick up on subtle messages and underlying meanings in these dreams.

This leads to a deepened awareness of underlying spiritual truths and hidden emotional realms. For many INFdJs, their ability to understand their dreams unlocks the doors to a greater understanding of themselves, allowing them to better comprehend the inner workings of their hearts and souls. With this newfound clarity comes an improved emotional responsiveness that can help make INFJs stronger spiritually gifted individuals.

6. Perceive the Future

INFJs' unique ability to perceive the future can be a source of deep spiritual insight, allowing them to ponder and muse on life's mysteries. By looking beyond the present moment and glimpsing whats possibly ahead, INFJs can cultivate a greater appreciation for the fragility of life, how our actions today determine our paths tomorrow, and how each path will eventually lead us to an uncertain destiny.

With this understanding comes a greater level of self-awareness — an acceptance of one's place in the universe, with all its beauty and complexity. As INFJs look ahead, they gain spiritual wisdom that can help guide them on their journey in life and open their minds to the wonders around them.

7. Distressed by Others Pain

INFJs have an insightful spiritual connection to the feelings of those around them. They are empathetic and sensitive to suffering in others, often feeling a responsibility to provide help where they can.

This ability can make INFJs more spiritually gifted because they understand pain on a deeper level than many others do. Understanding this level of anguish gives INFJs an opportunity to learn from it, and use what they gain from these experiences of heartache towards becoming closer to their own spiritual goals.

The distress that INFJs feel for the suffering of others is both painful and humbling, but in its simplest expression, is ultimately the most meaningful gift one can possess in order to pursue a higher sense of purpose in life.

8. Easily Bond With Animals

INFJs possess a rare and remarkable ability to effortlessly bond with animals. This innate capacity suggests that they may well be spirituallyt gifted. Not only do INFJs display an undeniable understanding of animals, but they also extend their empathy in a way most people cannot.

In moments when words are beyond reach, the language animals instinctively understand can resonate deeply with an INFJ due to their heightened spirituality; as if they can sense the energy found in each species. Such spiritual gifts allow INFJ individuals to find solace in wildlife and provide an unexplainable connection between spirit and nature.

9. Calming Presence

INFJs often possess a mysterious warmness that can draw others in. This deep inner calm radiates throughout their behaviour and interactions, making it easy for people to come to terms with their own emotions. It's this special quality of INFJs that often makes them more spiritually gifted.

Their calming presence puts everyone at ease and allows others to access part of themselves that may not have previously been accessible. Instead of verbally speaking, INFJs make use of unspoken communication, conveying deeper meanings with subtle gestures and looks.

In this way, they create a kind of spiritual understanding far greater than any words could capture. The cultural biases and stigmas that hinder true emotive expression seem almost non-existent in their presence due to the gentle veil of protection surrounding them, like a glowing halo made up of all their purest intentions and sincere desires.

And so, INFJs' ability to provide a sense of peace is truly one of the most powerful ways by which they are spiritually gifted to give back to the world.

10. They Just Know Things

INFJs possess a unique ability to not only connect the dots between seemingly unrelated topics, but also inexplicably arrive at a conclusion that feels harmonious and right. It's almost as if they can tap into a higher consciousness and gain wisdom that often surpass their own understanding.

This ability allows INFJs to receive insight and understanding in ways that cannot be readily understood by others, making them seem more spiritually gifted than most other types. INFJs have the capability to tap into insights driven by divine inspiration, resulting in an understanding of life that is more meaningful and far reachingly relevant.

The spiritual gifts inherent in INFJs give them the capacity to comprehend personal truths and connect with something greater than themselves.


If you’re an INFJ, chances are that you have experienced some level of spiritual gifts in your lifetime. Perhaps you feel a deep connection to the natural world, or sense energies and auras around people and spaces.

You might also find yourself highly intuitive, with the ability to read between the lines and see things that others miss. Whatever your particular gifts may be, know that you are not alone – many other INFJs share your unique abilities.

If you’ve ever felt like you don’t quite fit in with the rest of the world, it might be because you were born too expansive for this realm. Have you ever had any profound spiritual experiences?