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9 Strange Hobbies of the INFJ Personality Type

Strange INFJ Hobbies

People with the INFJ personality type tend to have some strange hobbies that very few can relate to or understand. From crafting elaborate movie theories to obsessing over vintage furniture, INFJs love to explore a plethora of fascinating and unusual interests, but most usually they fall into a select few categories. So let’s explore 9 strange hobbies synonymous with the INFJ personality type.

1. Being in Nature and Marveling at Their Surroundings

INFJs are quietly observant and naturally attuned to their environment, so it might not come as any surprise that many love spending time surrounded by nature. Nature can be a great source of nourishment for an INFJs relentlessly active mind.

On crisp clear days, many will tend to delight in soaking up the sun and marveling at the natural beauty awakened by its rays. INFJs can especially love being in nature when their emotions are in flux, as it's an ideal time to be still, reflect, and appreciate the worlds picturesque marvels.

When they feel overwhelmed or a lack of control in other aspects of their lives, being surrounded by mysteries greater than themselves can bring them unbridled peace and balance.

For INFJs, much can be learned and absorbed simply by being present in these surroundings—a feeling of immersion with all the elements at once can open up a new layer of appreciation for life, allowing them to be more attuned with their spirituality and abandon anxieties that distract from its power.

2. Just Thinking. Mostly About People and Problems

For an INFJ, engaging in deep thought is a hobby that can be embraced in moments of solitude or when the right conversation or challenge comes their way. Introspectively, they love discovering all the hidden layers of the universe by searching for the inner motivations and links between people and ideas.

Whether it's understanding the complexity of relationships, zooming into fine details of social issues, or contemplating metaphysical claims, this type of mental exercise can have a very energizing effect on an INFJ. Understanding more of everything from different perspectives, can fill them with a captivating sense of hope, possibility, and power.

3. Reading, or Otherwise Pursuing Knowledge

INFJs are often naturally drawn to knowledge acquisition and books as a hobby. The thrill of learning something new as well as the emotional stimulation of diving into an interesting story can help many INFJs access their most introspective and passionate states.

Reading provides INFJs with a chance to reflect on themselves, explore the depths of their thoughts, emotions, and imaginations without judgement or external interruption.

While reading may certainly be done out of habit or convenience, there is no question that when genuine interest is present, it can also offer INFJs a source of comfort, understanding, and inspiration when navigating the complexities of their inner lives.

4. Physical Activity of Some Kind

Many INFJs often seek solace in physical exertion not just to release energy and be healthy, but also as another opportunity for self reflection. For them, a hobby such as yoga, running or climbing can be a form of meditation where they are able to get lost in the rhythm of the movement while also reflecting on their internal thoughts.

INFJs often experience an internal peace after engaging in meaningful exercise like this. By pushing past the limitations of their body and mind, they’re able to find a sense of liberation through movement that isn't always accessible in any other way.

However INFJs will only find comfort in such activities when they feel their energy is aligned with their emotions and that the activity brings some purpose to their life.

5. Teaching or Imparting Knowledge in Some Way

One of the activities most INFJs can find themselves gravitating towards is explaining and teaching concepts or ideas to others – be it through formal means like giving lectures, or through informal conversations with a small group of friends.

Whenever they find themselves engaging in enriching conversations, they can instantly enter an elevated state of not just enjoyment, but also a yearning connectedness to the topic being discussed, and the people in their presence.

Whether it’s talking about theories related to their field of study or discussing cultural and philosophical ideas behind decisions made during our everyday lives, they cannot help but take great pleasure in sharing their thoughts and perspectives on the matter.

It almost feels as if there is some sort of collaborative communal effort bound together by the understanding and knowledge taking place at each one of these moments. A part of them knows even if nothing substantive manifests from their chatter simply connecting with another human being on something so essential as knowledge makes for a fulfilling experience all in itself.

6. Sitting alone somewhere, anywhere

INFJs find that their desire to observe and draw conclusions can be best satisfied in solitude. So they often seek out settings such as quiet cafes and parks to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Many INFJs also choose to eat lunch in their cars during work breaks for this reason. Being surrounded by other people can be energizing at times, but often they prefer a more reflective atmosphere where they can take time to reflect on their own thoughts and feelings.

While this alone-time is recharging, it also provides the opportunity for deep contemplation which all INFJs relish. For them, there is nothing more satisfying than having time to mull over their ideas or daydream about the impossible.

Taking time to sit alone in a cafe, park or even their own cars can therefore become an integral pursuit for many INFJs who appreciate an opportunity for reflection and growth.

7. Observing Those Around Them

People watching has long been a fascination for many, but INFJs in particular take an extra deep and curious interest in this pastime. For an INFJ, observing the interactions between people and speculating about what motivates their choices can provide invaluable insight into their own behavior, as well as a unique glimpse into the lives of others.

For them, it can be almost hypnotic to sit back and silently watch people live out their unexamined lives, pondering how everything appears so effortless on the surface yet hides so much beneath it. People watching can help them bring to light some of those hidden things they wouldn't normally have access to in another context.

To the INFJ, searching for what is unseen among those around them and trying to make sense of the world satisfies a longing need deep within themselves that needs understanding more than anything else.

8. Writing, Letters, Poems and Their Own Ruminations

INFJs often feel an urge to express themselves and their thoughts, but speech can prove difficult because of its immediate nature, so many INFJs often turn to writing as its a more leisurely outlet of release.

By articulating their feelings, successes, and failures on paper, INFJs can be challenged to explore the complexity of their minds, helping them develop a sense of clarity and understanding on a range of topics and the intricacies of their own lives.

Writing can also be a creative outlet for these highly imaginative thinkers – allowing them to bring ideas to life and explore concepts through themes, storytelling and other forms of literature. It can be a wonderful opportunity to share the unique perspectives only they can offer the world.

9. Pursuing Spirituality or Something Greater Than Themselves

All INFJs have an innate yearning to find deeper meanings in their lives. As a result, many find the pursuit of spirituality or greater enlightenment as a source of joy and fulfillment. Spirituality can provide INFJs with answers to their deepest questions and offer them insight into the truth of who they are and why they’re here on this planet.

Although it can be, spirituality is not always about what they believe or how they practice, but rather the feeling of being connected to something bigger than themselves. Many INFJs often crave this connection and exploring spirituality can help them access these feelings.


Ultimately, INFJs are often drawn to hobbies that are strange and unusual to most, and this can make them seem like they're from another realm entirely. But that's what makes INFJs so interesting and unique - they see the world in a completely different way than the majority of those in the world. Now what other hobbies have we missed that you enjoy?