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10 INFJ Characteristics That Make Them Great Leaders

When we think of a leader's personality type, we tend to focus on extroverted types such as the ESTP or the ESTJ because of their natural charisma and drive. However, INFJs and other introverted types hold an unique set of leadership skills that are unlike the leadership styles we are so familiar with in today’s world.

10 things INFJ characteristics that make them ideal leaders
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Today we’re going to talk about exactly that, the 10 things INFJ characteristics that make them ideal leaders.

1. They Plan, Plan, Plan

Every leader requires a good set of natural planning skills that allows them to communicate and dictate the most appropriate use of time. And it’s fair to say that INFJs certainly have this covered. INFJs are natural strategic planners in their everyday lives, and when it comes to leading other people, they can easily piece together popper orders of action.

In fact, besides the fact that most INFJs run on to-do lists and future-oriented goals, they also have the knack for sifting out potential dead-ends, unnecessary uses of time, and unideal outcomes, making planning all that more specific and particular. 

It’s as if they have the ability to plan both forward and backward while ensuring they properly balance their realistic ideas and their idealism. This allows them to make goals that are attainable in a way that encourages growth rather than expecting and demanding immediate perfection.

2. They’re Willing to Disrupt the Status Quo

It’s no question that the INFJ marches to the beat of their own drum, paying little attention to the social expectations that have been set out for them. Well, when it comes to their leadership styles, this couldn’t be more true.

INFJs aren’t afraid to use their creativity and imagination in the workplace in order to find easier or more enjoyable ways of doing things. They aren’t stuck on tradition, and it’s fair to say that most INFJs would never blindly implement something just for the sake of implementing it.

Everything they encourage needs to have reasoning behind it, and if that means going against the social norms or not taking someone’s advice - then so be it! INFJs are out-of-the-box thinkers, and if they’re pushed to think inside the box, they can’t lead to their fullest advantage.

3. They Choose Purpose Over Profit

If money is the only driving force behind a leadership position, you can bet an INFJ probably won’t be sticking around for long. This isn’t because they see anything wrong with that concept, in fact, it’s because this passionate advocating type actually values purpose over a pay cheque.

Especially when talking about workplace leadership settings, the INFJ knows if they’re spending the majority of their waking hours leading a specific group or cause, they want it to count! When it comes to entrepreneur leadership styles, INFJs want to create products and services that help humanity in some way, shape or form.

They are extremely cautious of the impact of their actions, and if they’re the one at the top, they want to be sure the ripple of their actions and decisions work to help the world.

4. They Can Easily See the Bigger Picture

INFJs are natural experts when it comes to synthesizing information and past experiences to create a bigger, more complex picture. They see all aspects of life as interconnected, so when it comes to leading, INFJs are able to understand and properly value every contributing aspect and position of the people they are leading.

But aside from that, this big-picture ideal allows them to avoid getting caught up in the unnecessary details, the small hardships or pointless disagreements.

This makes the INFJ more focused on how they can connect people and ideas, how they can properly encourage growth and how to easily facilitate harmony within all components of their team - a truly ideal leadership skill.

5. They Care About Inner Growth

INFJs care about inner growth, but not only for themselves. They actually admire the concept of personal growth for everyone they meet - especially those who look to them for direction or advice. And so, when it comes to being a leader, this INFJ characteristic becomes beneficial in more ways than one.

In fact, if INFJ’s were a worldly leader, the changes they choose to make in the world would not only help themselves, but also inspire the change in others in order for them to better themselves. Most likely sourced from their introverted intuition, the INFJ understands the value of strong inner growth within a workplace or society, and see it as a crucial component to the overall success of groups. 

So, besides the empathetic portion of this inner growth concept, they also see it from a logical standpoint.

6. They Don’t Cut Corners

INFJs love value, and they appreciate when things are done right. They don’t like taking the easy way out, skipping out on the minor details, or turning a blind-eye on the crucial components of a project or business.

This balance of perfectionism and high standards that all INFJs possess in their day-to-day lives are only amplified when they’re in the position of guidance. In fact, when INFJs are responsible for the decisions and outcomes of a project, they’re perfectionistic nature and self-pressure can actually become overwhelming at times for this reason.

Yet, once they learn to utilize this characteristic in a positive manner, they can effectively use it to their advantage by being a helpful rather than harmful self-critique.

7. They Value Rest and Recharging

INFJs may be perfectionistic, but they do value rest & recharge time when needed. Now, I’m sure that doesn’t come as a surprise, as INFJs are known for their love of solitude, but it doesn’t stop there. 

As a matter of fact, INFJs value the power of self-reflection within their leadership style and have a hesitancy towards encouraging the concept of working relentlessly. Contradictory, INFJs may have their times of all work, no play; but they don’t wish that upon the people whom they’re leading.

They want to encourage the idea that there’s more to life than success, deadlines, and competition. Not to mention, avoiding burnout is a major focus for this type, so as long as everyone is doing their part, rest and relaxation should always be encouraged in any INFJs eyes.

8. They Love and Care Unconditionally

INFJs see right through the egoistic leadership styles of today’s world. When INFJs are in a leadership position, they come with a little more modesty and empathy rather than a need for power. Since it’s in their very nature to care for and value people on a deep level, these modest traits are just as apparent when it comes to their leadership style.

For example, when it comes to playing the leadership role in a corporate or working setting, INFJs don’t view their people as replaceable money-making machines for the sole purpose of personal gain, profit or ego-boosting as so many leaders tend to do.

Instead, they truly value their employees and team members as people and as workers, which allows them to easily forgive, understand and encourage their people on a deeper level.

9. They Encourage With Humility

Speaking of empathy, INFJs try to approach every leadership challenge with humility. They believe there is no room for callousness or heartlessness within a workplace or group setting, and they take the appropriate steps towards creating a harmonious environment that can’t be knocked down by such an avoidable aspect.

INFJs know that in order for harmony to happen, they have to encourage it. They understand that people need to be listened to and understood rather than being harshly blamed for being inadequate. 

This approach facilitates a proper foundation for self-improvement because people are much likely to grow and succeed when they have a supportive leader behind them who sees their flaws as a chance to learn rather than an imperfection. 

10. They Are Self Aware in Their Actions

IFNJs don’t resort to pointing fingers, instead, they retract and ruminate about how their decisions may have contributed. They are able to take a step back and get a good look at their actions to decipher whether or not the outcome was appropriate.

Considering they are a naturally self-reflecting type who holds extremely high standards for themselves, they always want to be leading by example. INFJs understand that we can’t change for the better if we stay blind to what needs to be changed.

This allows them to not only know when it’s time to pack it in and when it's time to go full force on a decision, but it also gives them a good idea of how their actions are affecting other people and the outcome of the project. In fact, self awareness is one of those not-so-common leadership skills that not many leaders demonstrate in today’s world. Lucky for an INFJ, it comes naturally!