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10 Things That Instantly Excites The INFJ

The INFJ may seem difficult to please at times, but once you get to know this personality type personally, you’ll realize that it’s the simple things in life that make them happy. This introspective type has a zest for the things in life that really matter, opting for life experiences in comparison to materialistic things.. So what makes the INFJ feel energized and excited?

1. Intellectual Conversation

There’s nothing that excites an INFJ more than genuinely connecting with someone through an intellectual conversation. Easily bored by small talk and useless banter, the INFJ personality type is intrigued by untraditional conversation topics like conspiracies, the meaning of life, the mysteries of the universe, religion, psychology, philosophy, and so on.

They find joy in asking questions, listening to different answers, and understanding how other people view the world. This introspective personality type is known to be intellectually curious, so catching an INFJs attention with a conversation that broadens their understanding of the world will keep them engaged and excited for hours.

2. The Human Mind

Like we said, one of the many topics that excite an INFJ personality type is psychology and understanding the inner workings of the human mind. Therefore, INFJs love anything that has to do with analyzing human behavior, which is one of the reasons they enjoy connecting with people despite their introversion.

In fact, according to the 3rd Addition MBTIⓇ Manual - many psychotherapists and counselors are INFJ personality types for this very reason. This type is extremely idealistic and empathetic by nature which drives them to crave to understand the complex reasoning behind certain thoughts, processes and behaviors of the humans around them. Books, discussions, documentaries and podcasts about the human mind are all a great pastime for the INFJ.

3. Being Alone in Nature

Although humans and intellectual conversations can excite the INFJ.. in the end they are truly introverted creatures. They love to do just about anything independently, but solitude while surrounded by nature can excite the INFJ in ways that nothing else in life can.

The peace and quiet of a trail walk, a splash in the lake, or simply reading by a creek creates enough distraction to calm the busy INFJ mind without the overstimulation that some environments can entail.

Even just a few minutes in nature can instantly provide an intuitive and meditative state for this introspective type which usually results in insights to some of their greatest worries. A simple walk in the woods, and an INFJ can solve the world’s problems.

4. Adventure

INFJs can be overbearing and controlling at times, especially if they’re in charge of the outcome of a situation. And while they don’t exactly like being surprised, INFJs are in fact able to live on the edge and let their hair down every so often.

Adventures for this introspective personality type are usually quite exhilarating and enjoyable once they get over their uncomfortability of pushing themselves past their comfort zones. In fact, the inferior function of the INFJ is extraverted sensing which is all about experiencing the outer world through their senses.

So, while they may be stuck in their heads for 90% of their waking hours, a truly adventurous experience can allow the INFJ to come back down to earth and live a little! Let’s just say, we’re not talking about a surprise bungee jumping experience, but maybe a spontaneous night out or a last-minute camping road-trip.

5. Reading & Learning

Most INFJs know themselves to be avid book worms and research-lovers. They are curious by nature and extremely imaginative, so no matter what genre is chosen, the INFJ can broaden their knowledge or feed their imagination quite easily.

A simple trip to the library or being recommended to a book by a friend can be just as exciting to an INFJ as a new movie-release would be to some others.

This is because just as others are able to enjoy a movie or show for what the producers have imagined, the INFJ loves to read the words and perspective of others as it allows them inside the author’s head. They are easily inspired by the messages, styles and perspectives of written work. 

6. Intimate Conversation Topics

Just as the INFJ loves a good intellectual conversation to feed their curiosity, they also love a genuine intimate conversation when it comes along. This empathetic personality type may not be so good at understanding and organizing their own feelings, but when they are able to verbalize them to a trusted source, they can more easily come to conclusions.

Yet, aside from being able to talk about their own feelings, which is actually quite rare, the INFJ loves to hear about the good, bad, and the ugly of other people’s lives. They love to talk about anything that promotes raw human emotion, which includes all the fears, weaknesses, fantasies, failures, joys, ideas, and successes that come with it.

In fact, it’s nearly impossible to become close with an INFJ personality type if you haven’t participated in one of these intimate conversations, because it is required for them to feel as if they truly know and trust a person.

7. Creativity

INFJs not only want a creative outlet, butmost INFJs actually need some type of creativity in their lives to properly function and feel like themselves. Although their hardworking and perfectionist mindset may try to convince them that doing something creative may be a waste of time, this imaginative personality type should make the time for at least one creative thing a day.

By finding something where they can properly get out of their heads and use their focus on their passionate qualities, an INFJ can slip into a relaxing meditative state. Whether that be writing, scrapbooking, music, painting, drawing, dancing, or anything else that catches their creative attention, when an INFJ is challenged to put their creative and imaginative mind to use, they can surprise themselves with some amazing creations.

8. Silence & Solitude

Silence & solitude are some of the INFJs very best friends. While other types can easily get restless and bored when by themselves, an INFJ can be elated by the thought of going home to do nothing. In fact, while most personality types are excited for the weekend to come together with friends & family and socialize, a dream weekend for the INFJ would be a nice quiet weekend to rest, relax and recharge for the following week of playing human.

Since the dominant function of the INFJ is their introverted intuition, they also need a fair amount of time to be able to listen to their intuitive hunches. Not only is it difficult to pay attention to intuition when surrounded by the busy world, but this type is also easily influenced by others emotions, so by spending a good amount of time alone, they can easily distinguish their thoughts from others. 

9. Synchronicities

Angels, spirits, tarot, horoscopes, you name it.. INFJs are drawn to it. Most INFJs have their own set of beliefs when it comes to spirituality, psychicism, and astrology, but in the end, almost all INFJs believe in some sort of universal higher power and guidance.

Synchronicities such as seeing repeating angel numbers throughout the day, finding dimes on the floor, or getting a text from someone you were just thinking about.. Some people would simply write these freaky encounters off as coincidences, but INFJs believe they go much deeper than that.

To this introspective and intuitive personality type, it’s as if these little synchronicities are like a wink from the universe.Not only does the INFJ notice them throughout their day, but they also appreciate them more than the average person would and may even use them as a guide to make decisions.

10. Complexity

INFJs love complexity. Whether it’s being challenged to help a friend with a complex life problem, or diving deep into research about the complexity of the human mind. In fact, when an INFJ is discussing a topic that is too 1-dimensional, lacking the potential for multiple outcomes and variations, they can quickly lose interest.

According to the neuroscientist Dario Nardi, INFJs experience a type of flow state when tasked to analyze complex problems. They love to think outside the box, question the unknown outcomes, and try to understand things from all angles and depths.

This makes them amazing problem solvers who feel a need to get to the bottom of a situation for their own satisfaction rather than obligation. Not to mention, since they are such complex characters themselves, they can feel a type of connection and patience to concepts that require a good amount of digging.